This is Finland in brief!

It`s almost impossible to talk about Finland without talking sauna.

* Finland’s neighboring countries are Sweden, Norway and Russia.

* Finland is part of the European Union and the currency is the euro.

* The total population of Finland is 5,541,309.

* The capital of Finland is Helsinki and has 655,395 inhabitants.

* The area of ​​Finland is 338,465 km²,                                                                                       and it increases by 7 km² every year due to land uplift.

* Finland has an intermediate climate with a maritime or                                                     continental climate, depending on the direction of the air flow.

* Finland is a bilingual country; Finnish and Swedish.                                                          Both languages ​​are taught to all Finns at school as                                                            their mother tongue or as a foreign language.                                                                    In addition, almost everyone Finnish can speak English.

* In Finland compulsory education is for all 6–16-year-olds.

* In Finland, all 18-year-olds receive free health and dental care.

* Finland ranks high in several international comparisons;                                                  education, quality of life, civil liberties, economic competitiveness,                                human development (life expectancy, education, standard of living).

* State progressive income tax is paid on salary, pension and benefits.                              In addition, residents have to pay taxes to municipalities, as they                                   organize e.g. education, social and health services and infrastructure.

This is the Finnish flag.
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