For healthy – Xylitol, birch sugar

is a sugar alcohol or polyol. More than 500 studies have been conducted on xylitol and dental caries. As early as 1994, a study was conducted that showed that a mother’s regular use of xylitol chewing gum also significantly prevented her children from developing caries! A study conducted by the year 2000 has confirmed thatJatka lukemista ”For healthy – Xylitol, birch sugar”

What if…..

Life seems to have become dangerous. Every person I encounter seems to be a risk to my health. And yours too. Inhalation appears to be dangerous. Touching appears to be dangerous. Life has become a struggle for survival where only time can be won. It seems that life around is narrowing. Everyone holds their breath,Jatka lukemista ”What if…..”

Contacts: Genelec Oy, Olvitie 5, 74100 Iisalmi, Finland Tel. +358 17 83 881 Fax +358 17 812267 E-mail: ” Since the founding of Genelec in 1978, professional audio monitoring has been the core of our business. Our unrivalled commitment to research and development has resulted in a number of industry firsts and established GenelecJatka lukemista ””

” DSA is a Finnish health care technology company, whose novel BreathPass™ analyzing device and COVID-19 test revolutionize large-scale community-based COVID-19 screening with a low-cost, non-invasive, and highly accurate COVID test. DSA BreathPass™ COVID-19 test sets a new standard for efficiently screening large groups with industry-leading “real-time” test results. ” Contacts: Sales Director VisitingJatka lukemista ””

Clean Touch

Opening hours: Contacts: Clean Touch Medical LTD, Valuraudantie 5-7, 00700 Helsinki, Finland International sales manager: Tero Ingelius Tel. +358 400 710 111 e-mail: ” CTM ViralSafe coating is a patented multi-metal hybrid alloy we have developed. The efficacy of the product is based on the antibacterial effects of pure metals,Jatka lukemista ”Clean Touch”

This is The Day, 27.12.2020

Coronavirus vaccines arrived in Finland yesterday. The first batch of coronavirus vaccines developed by Pfizer and Biontech arrived in Finland on yesterday morning. Because current coronavirus vaccines are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, there are e.g. temperature sensors. Finland’s first coronavirus vaccinations are being given today, Sunday 27.12.2020, in Helsinki.They are given at Helsinki University Hospital.Jatka lukemista ”This is The Day, 27.12.2020”

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 8:00 – 16:30 Contacts: Jarmat Oy, Lammenkaari 4, 74130 Iisalmi, FinlandTel. +358 44 019 9551  e-mail: ”Jarmat Oy develops innovative products by utilizing renewable natural resources. The purpose of Jarmat is to bring cost savings to the customer. Whether it was a forest machine or a car, for JarmatJatka lukemista ””

Nice to know about Finland

* Finland is a republic and The President is Sauli Niinistö. * Finland’s neighboring countries are Sweden, Norway and Russia. * Finland is part of the European Union and the currency is the euro. * The total population of Finland is 5,541,309. * The capital of Finland is Helsinki and has 655,395 inhabitants. * TheJatka lukemista ”Nice to know about Finland”