What if…..

Vedenalainen, Elämä, Sukelluksissa

Life seems to have become dangerous. Every person I encounter seems to be a risk to my health. And yours too. Inhalation appears to be dangerous. Touching appears to be dangerous. Life has become a struggle for survival where only time can be won. It seems that life around is narrowing. Everyone holds their breath, to stay alive!

Meditaatio, Tyyni, Kaupungin Yläpuolella

When an entrepreneur on whose premises customers have been exposed to a Covid-19 infection and some have contracted a coronavirusinfection, denies it happened while hiding behind invented explanations …. When a neighbor says her cough is a little winter flu, and doesn’t feel the need to take a coronavirustest …. When a coworker tells that their runny nose is due to an allergy and does not feel the need to go for a coronavirustest ….. My client brings their child to the same kindergarten as I do my own child, but forgets to tell that she has a headache and a sore throat because she doesn’t have time for a coronavirustest …. They are just small things, but each of them is actually willing to endanger my health, and yours too.They just don`t care, about me or you!

Pysäkki, Shy, Kansi, Piilota, Väri

Because of these people, all of us Finns have to suffer. We are punished for some of us not following commonly agreed rules. Because some have taken the right to endanger their own health in addition to the health of others. They have an endless number of explanations, excuses, and lies on which they justify their actions. But in the end, it’s just that they don’t care, about themselves or me or you. They just don’t care! Simple as that.

Puolustus, Suojelu, Uhka

Why do we Finns submit to these selfish explanators? Why do we Finns accept that the government closes our food restaurant because of these selfish explanators? Why do we Finns accept that some are just more selfish than others, even though it is not just a matter of endangering their own health?

Motivoiva Lainaus, Yritä Estää Minua

Because we Finns are used to accepting dissidents? Because we Finns are used to interfering only in our own affairs? Or because we Finns don’t care about them or ourselves? That`s it: We Finns just don’t care, about ourselves, or others!

Kauneus, Nainen, Kukallinen Hat, Ymp N
On today I`m too lazy to care about that., or about me.

Stay safe, use facemask, keep distance, wash hands, anyway! With all mine love, Johanna

Julkaissut Johanna

Finnish, practical nurse, mom, grandmother, reader, novice blocker.


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