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The situation is new, but not hopeless. Covid-19-virus came, and put the nations on their knees. Never before have people traveled from one continent to another as much as they did in the 21st century. That, I think, has the crux of this chaos: our microbes are mixing and so they are pushing themselves stronger than ever. Nature is smarter than human, always! 
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But people are fighting against it. Covid-19-virus has made people very unequal: those who earn better have moved to their telecommuting homes, those who earn less work by risking the Covid-19-virus themselves every day. Hammassuojan, Infektio, Ostaminen, Corona, Coronavirus

But let’s not forget the people who toil day and night for all of us. An example of this is Finnish innovation: ViralSafe-products. ViralSafe is a temporary protective coating against microbes, including against Covid-19-virus. It removes microbes from surfaces in a matter of seconds. You can read more about it on my website under "Products". Taidot, Voi, Taitoja, Käynnistyä, Start Up, Säätiö

How effective is ViralSafe in hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, schools, libraries, public transport, etc. - very, very, very! Decision-makers are only required to have the will to start fighting life-threatening viruses. It is no longer a question of lack of tools but of the will of decision makers! It is not a question of money now, but of will. Decision-makers must use all means. The faster it happens, the less human suffering will be. Hallitus, Koulu, Unelmia, Tehdä, Puuttua, Itseluottamus

Every day is full of hope! Take good care of yourself, you are worth it! 
With all love, Johanna

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Finnish, practical nurse, mom, grandmother, reader, novice blocker.


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