This is The Day, 27.12.2020

Nainen, Terveydenhuollon Ammattilaisen

Coronavirus vaccines arrived in Finland yesterday. The first batch of coronavirus vaccines developed by Pfizer and Biontech arrived in Finland on yesterday morning. Because current coronavirus vaccines are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, there are e.g. temperature sensors. Finland’s first coronavirus vaccinations are being given today, Sunday 27.12.2020, in Helsinki.They are given at Helsinki University Hospital. A total of 9,750 doses of coronavirus vaccines were delivered to Finland. They are enough to vaccinate 4,875 people. After the first vaccine, a booster vaccine should be given within 21 days of the first.

Rokotus, Doctor, Ruiskujen

In Finland, coronavirus vaccines are distributed in Finland’s five special areas of responsibility for nursing and their university hospitals. Coronavirus vaccines in Finland are distributed according to the size of the regions – Helsinki is the largest region.There are university hospitals in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Kuopio and Oulu. Other university hospitals will start coronavirus vaccinations tomorrow, on Monday. At first, staff involved in the treatment of coronavirus patients and suspected coronavirus infection, as well as sampling, will be vaccinated.

Rokotus, Impfspritze, Lääketieteellinen

The coronavirus vaccine in Finland is voluntary. Staff are free to decide whether to take the coronavirus vaccine. The time and place of the first coronavirus vaccinations will be published for safety reasons. After Helsinki, vaccinations will be started at Tampere University Hospital on Monday for the staff of the intensive care unit. At the University Hospitals of Turku, Kuopio and Oulu, the first coronavirus vaccinations are given to staff caring for corona patients.

Lääke, Potilas, Lääkäri, Jännite, Tauti

Finland is part of the joint procurement mechanism of the EU countries. Through the joint procurement mechanism, Finland has the opportunity to procure coronavirus vaccines from several different manufacturers, but the coronavirus vaccines to be used, their quantity and delivery times will be specified later. According to plans, the following batches of coronavirus vaccine will arrive in Finland on a weekly basis. In the future, deliveries will be in larger quantities, about a few tens of thousands of servings each week.

Kuuleminen, Arviointi, Lääketiede

In Finland, the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) recommendation that pregnant or lactating women consult their doctor before taking Pfizer-Biontech’s coronavirus vaccine is being followed. The doctor forms an overall picture of the person’s situation and the need for the vaccine. There were no indications in the study that the coronavirus vaccine caused any side effects. Therefore, it is recommended that you discuss with your doctor how necessary vaccination is. Pregnant subjects and lactating have not been adequately included in the test group of Pfizer-Biontech’s coronavirus vaccine, trade name: Cominarty. Therefore, the company does not have sufficient data on the potential risks to pregnant or lactating women.

Corona, Virus, Coronavirus, Epidemia

The coronavirus epidemic is controlled in Finland under the Communicable Diseases Act primarily through local and regional measures. Effective infection surveillance and local and regional control measures aimed at preventing the spread of infections are also key to preventing a worsening of the national coronavirus epidemic.

Lääkäri, Sairaanhoitaja, Arvostelu

Diseases that are highly susceptible to severe coronavirus disease include: chronic severe kidney disease, severe immunosuppressive condition (acute cancer treatment, organ transplantation ) and severe chronic lung disease. Diseases predisposing to serious coronavirus disease include coronary heart disease and cirrhotic liver disease.

Injektio, Lääketieteellinen, Shot

According to Coronavirus pandemic surveillance statistics, more than 71 million COVID-19 cases and more than 1.6 million disease-related deaths have been reported worldwide by 17 December 2020. EU countries account for more than 15 million of these cases and almost 376,000 deaths. 26.12.2020 A total of 34,821 coronavirus infections have been diagnosed in Finland.

Doctor, Sairaala, Rokotus

In Finland, the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has made a proposal on the vaccination schedule for coronary vaccinations. The presentation is based on the statements of KRAR, the National Vaccination Expert Group set up by THL.
The order recommended by THL is:

1. Healthcare staff caring for coronary patients and 24-hour care staff and residents. 2. The elderly and persons with underlying diseases predisposing to severe coronavirus disease.
3. Other population.

Coronavirus, Corona Virus, Covid-19

Let’s stay healthy – take care of ourselves first!

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