Cobiolube® Agri Chain - Jarmat Oy

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 8:00 – 16:30

Contacts: Jarmat Oy, Lammenkaari 4, 74130 Iisalmi, Finland
Tel. +358 44 019 9551  e-mail: matti.kyllonen@jarmat.fi

Tuotteet - Jarmat Oy

”Jarmat Oy develops innovative products by utilizing renewable natural resources. The purpose of Jarmat is to bring cost savings to the customer. Whether it was a forest machine or a car, for Jarmat Oy`s experts and crucial solutions, little – both capital and the environment. Made from renewable raw materials, Cobiolube® provides a reliable base for liquid products that can be processed for many different uses – from lubricants to heat transfer fluids for power plants. Cobiolube® products are based on non-toxic and completely environmentally friendly raw materials that can be used to make high-quality and environmentally friendly marking paints, lubricants and heat transfer agents.”

Cobiolube® Chain - a completely oil-free lubricant with performance comparable to the market-leading oil-based products.

Products: https://www.jarmat.fi/tuotteet/

Do you want to hear more: https://www.jarmat.fi/en/

Keywords: Jarmat, Cobiolube, lubricant, heattransfer, Finnish

Tuotteet - Jarmat Oy

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