Hello, my name is Johanna, and it`s very nice to meet you!

I am sometimes very ordinary, and sometimes not at all, ordinary Finnish woman in Finland.

I was born in Finland, in a city called Iisalmi, but now I live in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. I will be 59-years on July 2021. I am a mother of six children and grandmother to twelve child’s. All of our kids have already moved away from us, so I live with my husband and the wheaten terrier Rici.

I work in the social field with families with children, at home in families. I am a practical nurse, and I have completed three areas of expertise: medical care in 2011, leg healthcare in 2014, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health in 2019.

Next week I will move on to doing the same job only with families with an infection – Corona is also in an awkward phase here in Finland. I was told that I will only be working on the infection team in December 2020, but I already know that I will not return to healthy client families until the spring of 2021. Wish me luck and endurance, thank you!

The blog is about telling about my own life and on the website about Finnish products, innovations and lifestyle. Sometimes I will talk about serious things, but we also have fun together. Ask if you come up with any questions, I will be happy to answer!

And hey, if you’re coming to Finland for the Helsinki metropolitan area, don’t forget to tell me about it – I’ll be happy to be your guide!

Thank you for stopping by to read my site. I hope you enjoy of what you were reading!

With all my Love – Johanna –

Julkaissut Johanna

Finnish, practical nurse, mom, grandmother, reader, novice blocker.


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