For healthy – Xylitol, birch sugar

is a sugar alcohol or polyol. More than 500 studies have been conducted on xylitol and dental caries.

As early as 1994, a study was conducted that showed that a mother’s regular use of xylitol chewing gum also significantly prevented her children from developing caries! A study conducted by the year 2000 has confirmed that xylitol pastille is as effective in preventing caries as full xylitol chewing gum! A study was published in 2001 showing that maternal xylitol use during pregnancy can significantly reduce the risk of caries in the unborn child from the mother and in the long term even after birth. The risk of a newborn child with caries was up to 70% lower in a child using xylitol during the next two years of age, compared to children in mothers who did not use xylitol. Xylitol does not replace tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste!

Unlike sugar, xylitol does not significantly affect the body’s insulin secretion. Despite its sweetness, xylitol is low in calories. Xylitol is not suitable for energy for many microbes ( therefore, they are unable to reproduce in the mouth ), unlike sugar, which is why it is used as a sweetener in chewing gum, for example. Xylitol reduces the amount of plaque and its adhesion to the tooth surface! Research has also shown that xylitol repairs mica damage that has already begun.The raw material for xylitol is xylan, which is obtained e.g. birch and in the EU, xylitol is approved as a food additive. Also, xylitol increases the yield of saliva so long time it is in the mouth. Xylitol is a laxative, that is, it has a stimulating intestinal activity. Daily xylitol doses of more than 45 g in children and more than 100 g in adults cause diarrhea. Xylitol ends up in the gut for the most part because the human body is unable to use xylitol effectively for food.

Toothpaste containing xylitol as a humectant. Children should not use pastes that contain antimicrobials or pastes that reported to prevent tartar formation or whitening teeth! The behavior of fluoride toothpaste supports the tooth protection provided by xylitol because fluoride also reduces tooth decay. Fluoride prevents the dissolution of dental minerals by bacteria. Fluoride also helps to re-mineralize the enamel already dissolved by the bacteria. Xylitol dissolves in water endothermically, i.e. by binding heat from its surroundings – this causes a feeling of coolness in the mouth. Brushing your teeth should take 2 minutes.

The four main areas of oral care:
1. Brush your teeth in the morning and evening with fluoride toothpaste.
2. Regular meals and minimization of snacks.
3. A thirst quencher is water.
4. Use xylitol.
Take care! With all my love, Johanna

What if…..

Vedenalainen, Elämä, Sukelluksissa

Life seems to have become dangerous. Every person I encounter seems to be a risk to my health. And yours too. Inhalation appears to be dangerous. Touching appears to be dangerous. Life has become a struggle for survival where only time can be won. It seems that life around is narrowing. Everyone holds their breath, to stay alive!

Meditaatio, Tyyni, Kaupungin Yläpuolella

When an entrepreneur on whose premises customers have been exposed to a Covid-19 infection and some have contracted a coronavirusinfection, denies it happened while hiding behind invented explanations …. When a neighbor says her cough is a little winter flu, and doesn’t feel the need to take a coronavirustest …. When a coworker tells that their runny nose is due to an allergy and does not feel the need to go for a coronavirustest ….. My client brings their child to the same kindergarten as I do my own child, but forgets to tell that she has a headache and a sore throat because she doesn’t have time for a coronavirustest …. They are just small things, but each of them is actually willing to endanger my health, and yours too.They just don`t care, about me or you!

Pysäkki, Shy, Kansi, Piilota, Väri

Because of these people, all of us Finns have to suffer. We are punished for some of us not following commonly agreed rules. Because some have taken the right to endanger their own health in addition to the health of others. They have an endless number of explanations, excuses, and lies on which they justify their actions. But in the end, it’s just that they don’t care, about themselves or me or you. They just don’t care! Simple as that.

Puolustus, Suojelu, Uhka

Why do we Finns submit to these selfish explanators? Why do we Finns accept that the government closes our food restaurant because of these selfish explanators? Why do we Finns accept that some are just more selfish than others, even though it is not just a matter of endangering their own health?

Motivoiva Lainaus, Yritä Estää Minua

Because we Finns are used to accepting dissidents? Because we Finns are used to interfering only in our own affairs? Or because we Finns don’t care about them or ourselves? That`s it: We Finns just don’t care, about ourselves, or others!

Kauneus, Nainen, Kukallinen Hat, Ymp N
On today I`m too lazy to care about that., or about me.

Stay safe, use facemask, keep distance, wash hands, anyway! With all mine love, Johanna

Contacts: Genelec Oy, Olvitie 5, 74100 Iisalmi, Finland

Tel. +358 17 83 881 Fax +358 17 812267 E-mail:

” Reality check
Sound is crucially important in the creation of atmosphere and realism in games, and like a big movie production relies on a stellar combination of music, effects and dialogue to draw the player in and keep them truly engaged. The bar is constantly being raised, and to create believable game audio you need pro reference monitoring that you can trust – implicitly. ”

” Since the founding of Genelec in 1978, professional audio monitoring has been the core of our business. Our unrivalled commitment to research and development has resulted in a number of industry firsts and established Genelec as the industry leader in active monitors.

Over forty years later, Genelec monitoring products remain true to our original philosophy, offering reliability, neutral sound reproduction regardless of size, as well as the ability to adapt frequency response to the listening environment.

We are faithful to our founding principles. We also want to maintain our leading position in our core business with neutral sounding products for any monitoring need from mono to multi-channel reproduction. Our clients receive paramount support in all aspects of the field, from acoustical advice and calibration services to technical service and long product life. Buying a Genelec product is the soundest investment in audio monitoring.

We want to be unique as a company and strive to exceed expectations in all aspects of our business. This means offering first class products and service to our end customers and business partners alike.

During the past decade our business has expanded beyond the professional studio monitor segment to selected consumer and AV installation markets. Our products are found in an increasing number of home setups and AV installations, as well as in residential home theatre systems, bringing music and soundtracks as alive as they were when recorded. Although the applications may vary, one thing remains the same: the desire to have the best possible sound reproduction. ”

” Research Audio research demands the finest precision tools. The unrivalled accuracy and consistency of Genelec monitors has made us the preferred choice of researchers the world over. ”


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” DSA is a Finnish health care technology company, whose novel BreathPass™ analyzing device and COVID-19 test revolutionize large-scale community-based COVID-19 screening with a low-cost, non-invasive, and highly accurate COVID test. DSA BreathPass™ COVID-19 test sets a new standard for efficiently screening large groups with industry-leading “real-time” test results. ”

DSA-BreathPass ™

Contacts: Sales Director

Visiting address: Deep Sensing Algorithms Ltd Oy,

Hämeenkatu 14 C 25, 33100 Tampere, Finland

DSA-BreathPass ™

” The DSA BreathPassTM is a handheld analyzing device intended for diagnosis of COVID-19 by healthcare professionals and for rapid screenings for large crowds. Inside the device there is an array of nano-sensors to detect molecules of biological origin, known as volatile organic compounds (VOC), as signs of infection stemming from the biomarkers known to be produced by the metabolic processes caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. ”

” The DSA BreathPassTM uses a non-invasive method for detection of COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The device measures the exhaled breath for 15 to 30 seconds, characterizes the VOCs within breath samples, produces predictions for different health conditions based on Deep Computing algorithms and generates results in few seconds. The DSA BreathPassTM can be used through the Mobile Application and Web-UI.

The DSA BreathPassTM is a fast, easy and affordable testing method for detecting COVID-19 infection that can be done anywhere with a reliable connection to the internet. ”


” We are constantly looking to improve our team with quality individuals to make the entity stronger. We are also looking for business partners for the fast deployment of the potentially life-saving solutions.

If you interested in distribution and re-sales, we would like to hear from you. And if you think you have an opportunity for a clinical patient testing or algorithm teaching, we would be happy to see how it could be facilitated. ”


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DSA-BreathPass ™



Yksin, Sydän, Rakkaus, Tyyny, Punainen, Ystävä
The situation is new, but not hopeless. Covid-19-virus came, and put the nations on their knees. Never before have people traveled from one continent to another as much as they did in the 21st century. That, I think, has the crux of this chaos: our microbes are mixing and so they are pushing themselves stronger than ever. Nature is smarter than human, always! 
Maaperä, Luonne, Maa, Ympäristö, Vähän, Lehti

But people are fighting against it. Covid-19-virus has made people very unequal: those who earn better have moved to their telecommuting homes, those who earn less work by risking the Covid-19-virus themselves every day. Hammassuojan, Infektio, Ostaminen, Corona, Coronavirus

But let’s not forget the people who toil day and night for all of us. An example of this is Finnish innovation: ViralSafe-products. ViralSafe is a temporary protective coating against microbes, including against Covid-19-virus. It removes microbes from surfaces in a matter of seconds. You can read more about it on my website under "Products". Taidot, Voi, Taitoja, Käynnistyä, Start Up, Säätiö

How effective is ViralSafe in hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, schools, libraries, public transport, etc. - very, very, very! Decision-makers are only required to have the will to start fighting life-threatening viruses. It is no longer a question of lack of tools but of the will of decision makers! It is not a question of money now, but of will. Decision-makers must use all means. The faster it happens, the less human suffering will be. Hallitus, Koulu, Unelmia, Tehdä, Puuttua, Itseluottamus

Every day is full of hope! Take good care of yourself, you are worth it! 
With all love, Johanna

Clean Touch

CTM-tuotteet pinnoille

Opening hours:

Contacts: Clean Touch Medical LTD, Valuraudantie 5-7, 00700 Helsinki, Finland International sales manager: Tero Ingelius Tel. +358 400 710 111 e-mail:

” CTM ViralSafe coating is a patented multi-metal hybrid alloy we have developed. The efficacy of the product is based on the antibacterial effects of pure metals, which have been recognized already thousands of years ago. However, these natural metals alone do not provide fast enough action against microbes. This is why we developed a hybrid alloy to make the most of the benefits of each different natural metal. This way, the efficacy of the product is achieved within seconds instead of minutes or hours! ”

” We created a new standard of protection against viruses and bacteria.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (EDCD) estimates that more than 4 million people get ill from contact surfaces each year in various healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, alone. Contact surfaces are known to be one of the most challenging places to keep clean, as consecutive contacts may occur every few seconds. This is a problem that we want to address and to which we offer various solutions.

We are constantly studying the effectiveness of our products against various bacteria and viruses. Functions of Microbes are constantly changing, which requires us to react quickly and invest significantly in research. Our products effectively eliminate the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus, and all most common bacteria. However, even this top, stunning result is not enough for us, and we will continue studying to ensure even greater efficacy against various microbes and viruses.

Our objective is to create a range of easy-to-use products that ensure better hygiene of the contact surfaces. The temporary protective coating we have created and developed reduce the need for cleaning, as the coating automatically eliminates bacteria and viruses. People do not have to disinfect their hands to be safe from the microbes on the contact surfaces, as our temporary coating act automatically as mandatory protection.  ”

” Where to install?

ViralSafe-products can be installed on all contact surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Our product range is wide and you can find a suitable temporary protective coating for each installation site that is as easy to install as possible.
  • Elevator buttons
  • Shopping carts
  • Shopping baskets
  • Railings
  • Door handles
  • Light switches
  • Door locks
  • Faucets
  • Toilet buttons
  • Armrests
  • Ventilations
  • Escalators ”


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This is The Day, 27.12.2020

Nainen, Terveydenhuollon Ammattilaisen

Coronavirus vaccines arrived in Finland yesterday. The first batch of coronavirus vaccines developed by Pfizer and Biontech arrived in Finland on yesterday morning. Because current coronavirus vaccines are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, there are e.g. temperature sensors. Finland’s first coronavirus vaccinations are being given today, Sunday 27.12.2020, in Helsinki.They are given at Helsinki University Hospital. A total of 9,750 doses of coronavirus vaccines were delivered to Finland. They are enough to vaccinate 4,875 people. After the first vaccine, a booster vaccine should be given within 21 days of the first.

Rokotus, Doctor, Ruiskujen

In Finland, coronavirus vaccines are distributed in Finland’s five special areas of responsibility for nursing and their university hospitals. Coronavirus vaccines in Finland are distributed according to the size of the regions – Helsinki is the largest region.There are university hospitals in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Kuopio and Oulu. Other university hospitals will start coronavirus vaccinations tomorrow, on Monday. At first, staff involved in the treatment of coronavirus patients and suspected coronavirus infection, as well as sampling, will be vaccinated.

Rokotus, Impfspritze, Lääketieteellinen

The coronavirus vaccine in Finland is voluntary. Staff are free to decide whether to take the coronavirus vaccine. The time and place of the first coronavirus vaccinations will be published for safety reasons. After Helsinki, vaccinations will be started at Tampere University Hospital on Monday for the staff of the intensive care unit. At the University Hospitals of Turku, Kuopio and Oulu, the first coronavirus vaccinations are given to staff caring for corona patients.

Lääke, Potilas, Lääkäri, Jännite, Tauti

Finland is part of the joint procurement mechanism of the EU countries. Through the joint procurement mechanism, Finland has the opportunity to procure coronavirus vaccines from several different manufacturers, but the coronavirus vaccines to be used, their quantity and delivery times will be specified later. According to plans, the following batches of coronavirus vaccine will arrive in Finland on a weekly basis. In the future, deliveries will be in larger quantities, about a few tens of thousands of servings each week.

Kuuleminen, Arviointi, Lääketiede

In Finland, the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) recommendation that pregnant or lactating women consult their doctor before taking Pfizer-Biontech’s coronavirus vaccine is being followed. The doctor forms an overall picture of the person’s situation and the need for the vaccine. There were no indications in the study that the coronavirus vaccine caused any side effects. Therefore, it is recommended that you discuss with your doctor how necessary vaccination is. Pregnant subjects and lactating have not been adequately included in the test group of Pfizer-Biontech’s coronavirus vaccine, trade name: Cominarty. Therefore, the company does not have sufficient data on the potential risks to pregnant or lactating women.

Corona, Virus, Coronavirus, Epidemia

The coronavirus epidemic is controlled in Finland under the Communicable Diseases Act primarily through local and regional measures. Effective infection surveillance and local and regional control measures aimed at preventing the spread of infections are also key to preventing a worsening of the national coronavirus epidemic.

Lääkäri, Sairaanhoitaja, Arvostelu

Diseases that are highly susceptible to severe coronavirus disease include: chronic severe kidney disease, severe immunosuppressive condition (acute cancer treatment, organ transplantation ) and severe chronic lung disease. Diseases predisposing to serious coronavirus disease include coronary heart disease and cirrhotic liver disease.

Injektio, Lääketieteellinen, Shot

According to Coronavirus pandemic surveillance statistics, more than 71 million COVID-19 cases and more than 1.6 million disease-related deaths have been reported worldwide by 17 December 2020. EU countries account for more than 15 million of these cases and almost 376,000 deaths. 26.12.2020 A total of 34,821 coronavirus infections have been diagnosed in Finland.

Doctor, Sairaala, Rokotus

In Finland, the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has made a proposal on the vaccination schedule for coronary vaccinations. The presentation is based on the statements of KRAR, the National Vaccination Expert Group set up by THL.
The order recommended by THL is:

1. Healthcare staff caring for coronary patients and 24-hour care staff and residents. 2. The elderly and persons with underlying diseases predisposing to severe coronavirus disease.
3. Other population.

Coronavirus, Corona Virus, Covid-19

Let’s stay healthy – take care of ourselves first!

Cobiolube® Agri Chain - Jarmat Oy

Opening hours: Mon – Fri 8:00 – 16:30

Contacts: Jarmat Oy, Lammenkaari 4, 74130 Iisalmi, Finland
Tel. +358 44 019 9551  e-mail:

Tuotteet - Jarmat Oy

”Jarmat Oy develops innovative products by utilizing renewable natural resources. The purpose of Jarmat is to bring cost savings to the customer. Whether it was a forest machine or a car, for Jarmat Oy`s experts and crucial solutions, little – both capital and the environment. Made from renewable raw materials, Cobiolube® provides a reliable base for liquid products that can be processed for many different uses – from lubricants to heat transfer fluids for power plants. Cobiolube® products are based on non-toxic and completely environmentally friendly raw materials that can be used to make high-quality and environmentally friendly marking paints, lubricants and heat transfer agents.”

Cobiolube® Chain - a completely oil-free lubricant with performance comparable to the market-leading oil-based products.


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Tuotteet - Jarmat Oy

Nice to know about Finland

This is the flag of Finland

* Finland is a republic and The President is Sauli Niinistö.

* Finland’s neighboring countries are Sweden, Norway and Russia.

* Finland is part of the European Union and the currency is the euro.

* The total population of Finland is 5,541,309.

* The capital of Finland is Helsinki and has 655,395 inhabitants.

* The area of ​​Finland is 338,465 km², and it increases by 7 km² every year due to land uplift.

* Finland has an intermediate climate with a maritime or continental climate, depending on the direction of the air flow.

* Finland is a bilingual country; Finnish and Swedish. Both languages ​​are taught to all Finns at school as their mother tongue or as a foreign language. In addition, almost everyone Finnish can speak English.

* In Finland compulsory education is for all 6–16-year-olds.

* In Finland, all 18-year-old receive free health and dental care.

* Finland ranks high in several international comparisons; education, quality of life, civil liberties, economic competitiveness, human development (life expectancy, education, standard of living).

* State progressive income tax is paid on salary, pension and benefits. In addition, residents have to pay taxes to municipalities, as they organize e.g. education, social and health services and infrastructure.

It is almost impossible to tell anything about Finland without talking about the sauna.

Hello, my name is Johanna, and it`s very nice to meet you!

I am sometimes very ordinary, and sometimes not at all, ordinary Finnish woman in Finland.

I was born in Finland, in a city called Iisalmi, but now I live in the capital of Finland, Helsinki. I will be 59-years on July 2021. I am a mother of six children and grandmother to twelve child’s. All of our kids have already moved away from us, so I live with my husband and the wheaten terrier Rici.

I work in the social field with families with children, at home in families. I am a practical nurse, and I have completed three areas of expertise: medical care in 2011, leg healthcare in 2014, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health in 2019.

Next week I will move on to doing the same job only with families with an infection – Corona is also in an awkward phase here in Finland. I was told that I will only be working on the infection team in December 2020, but I already know that I will not return to healthy client families until the spring of 2021. Wish me luck and endurance, thank you!

The blog is about telling about my own life and on the website about Finnish products, innovations and lifestyle. Sometimes I will talk about serious things, but we also have fun together. Ask if you come up with any questions, I will be happy to answer!

And hey, if you’re coming to Finland for the Helsinki metropolitan area, don’t forget to tell me about it – I’ll be happy to be your guide!

Thank you for stopping by to read my site. I hope you enjoy of what you were reading!

With all my Love – Johanna –

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